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I saw you
when you came back to
your old home town and you walked right through.
I didn't feel like this.
No not before.
Till I saw you moving like smoke crawls across the floor.
I can give you a way out
and you should take it.
I won't let you down.
I'll never let you down.
Time slows down
when you're on the run
and you're all alone
and the day won't come.
I can't resist
going back for more
and you grabbed my wrist and took me out the door.">



It's not magic but I can't resist.
So close your eyes and give me a kiss.
I got your number in my pocket and it's stiched in gold.
I'm not running but I need a rest.
I got a kick drum in my chest.
My blood is warm but your leather is cold.
It's ma ma ma magic.
It's alright you have it.
When the radio is playing nothing but static.
It's ma ma ma magic.
The plush and the fabric.
Orange vinyl under dust in the attic.
Not freak but you need control.
A tire fire burning in my soul.
Your dusty boots cost more than my car.
Got mouth full of gasoline
and you're a model in the magazine.
I'll take you to the city so you can be a star.
I'm not an addict but I need some more.
You left me shaking on the bathroom floor.
A super 8 movie playing on the wall.
I know I'm ugly but I'm good for some fun.
I should be happy that I had a good run.
But you don't drive stick so you won't get far.



I'm feeling the burning pain
of the flames of my songs,
licking at my body with their long lizard tongues.
If anybody's worried you can shake my zombie hand
and I'll be sure to meet you in the next zombie land.
It's the flames.
It's the flames again.
They've come back to haunt me
and I'm out without a friend.
It's the flames.
It's the flames again.
I think I need a witness,
but all I have is them.
Whoa here it goes again.
Just take a deep breath
and jump into the deep end.
I won't close my eyes.
Not tonight.
If you're feeling the buring pain
of the flames of your life
and no one's there to tell you
that from fire comes light
and soon it will be dark
and there is no time without light.
No matter what you're doing
you're still doing it right.
The roar of the plane unzips the sky
and darkness travels at the speed of light
and out there in the cold rain,
confusing thunder with thoughts
and pleasure with pain,
that's where it all got lost.
That's where it all got lost.
That's where it all got lost
and now I'm (we're) lost.
The celebration's over
but confetti's still in flight
and you're the last one standing
and it's suddenly your night.

Big Drop


The world turns below the rubber, I'm not sleeping.
I'm under cover and my heart is gently beating.
The road ahead is being eaten by the pouring rain.
We're racing toward the mouth in a vessel with no name.
T he flams of raindrops on the rooftop make me wonder.
Streaks of water on the window, I hear thunder.
The blab of pavement underneath me is so soothing.
A hundred miles an hour but I'm still not moving. HA!
. Big drop. Real big drop.
There's fire at the bottom if you light it at the top.
Water everywhere but none to sip,
so open your eyes an unpurse your lips like:
la la la la la la la la la la,
la la la la la la la la la la,
la la la la la la la la la la,
la la la la la la.
Old man strikes a match to light a cigarillo.
His hair is white, the smoke is grey, his fingers yellow.
You are just a single wrinkle on my weathered, leather cheek.
In you heart a silent question,
in my eyes a puzzle piece.
The flams of footsteps up the staircase make me shiver.
They've come to find a witch and throw him in the river.
If I float away it's hard to say just what they'd think,
but now they know it takes more than a rock and chains to sink me.